With DineSmart, we’re taking action against homelessness

3 minute read.

DineSmart is leading the charge to support grassroots projects tackling homelessness in your local areas. With thousands of fellow Australians wondering where they’ll get their next meal, the DineSmart campaign is a rallying call to do our bit in the fight against homelessness.

Join venues such as Neptune, Hanoi Hannah, Chin Chin and many others in this timely cause, and sign up by clicking here or call Geoff from StreetSmart on: 0428 909 097

When: In 2019, DineSmart will run from November 21 to December 31.

How does it work: Via the bill, diners at participating restaurants are asked to donate $1 each to help fund homelessness services in your local area (customers can opt out).

Where does the money go? Donations are used to support grassroots projects tackling homelessness right on your doorstep – it’s all about keeping it local. It’s a great way to support the community that supports you.

Why should you be involved? It’s good for business, good for team building and good for your community. More than ever, diners and guests want to know that the businesses they support are doing good for their community. DineSmart is simple and has a local impact that you and your staff can be proud of.

How can I participate? Sign up online. DineSmart will send you a pack including bill-folds/table talkers and a short staff-training guide prepared by one of their top-performing venues.

We will be doing our bit during the campaign, contributing $1 per booking* on OpenTable at a participating DineSmart restaurant.

If you are a participating DineSmart venue and want to know more about OpenTable and how we can help your business, contact us here or call (02) 8188-7167.

*Maximum contribution of AUD $7000