WATCH: A Restaurant GM on the Go with GuestCenter for iPhone

Watch: A Manager on the Go with Our GuestCenter iPhone App

The life of a restaurant General Manager is dynamic and fast-paced, constantly changing and forcing them to adapt. The better tools a GM has to be flexible and responsive, the better equipped he or she is to succeed.

Last year, OpenTable released our GuestCenter iPhone app, allowing operators to see real-time updates about their business from their phones. That means that instead of having to go into the restaurant early to see how busy your night is going to be (and decide whether to cut or add staff), you can just look at the iPhone in your pocket. You can also make and edit reservations on the go when VIPs call. It’s like having access to the host stand no matter where you are.

Dustin Brashears, General Manager at Alta CA in San Francisco, knows the value of staying one step ahead. “Having GuestCenter lets me do my job better and increase the experience for the guest, and increase the quality of life for the staff,” he told us. We sent a video team to follow him through a typical work day, which starts with his GuestCenter iPhone app over breakfast and coffee and ends with a busy shift. Watch the video below to see how he does it.

Download the GuestCenter iPhone app now.

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