Creative Easter restaurant ideas to seat more guests


Easter promises an influx of diners looking to celebrate the occasion. As reservations fill up, restaurants have an opportunity to expand their capacity and welcome new guests through the doors.

With some creative strategies and special Easter experiences, you can seat more families, impress first-timers, boost revenue potential and encourage repeat business. This season, embrace the holiday rush and turn Easter crowds into a rewarding opportunity by making diners feel special.

Create limited-time Experiences to promote special Easter menus

Drive bookings and excitement at Easter by using OpenTable Experiences to showcase your offerings and go above and beyond. Play around with different offers and create an Experience highlighting menus or Easter cocktails, perfect for this particular holiday.

Easter is also a big family occasion, so design an Experience tailored to families, whether that’s brunch with a visit from the Easter Bunny, an egg decorating activity for kids, or an egg hunt around your restaurant. Creating well-designed Experiences is the perfect way to generate buzz for your Easter events and attract more guests ready to celebrate.

Embrace outdoor seating

Take advantage of the warmer weather and welcome additional guests by setting up outdoor seating. Courtyard, street seating and garden areas offer fresh dining possibilities and provide guests with a different dynamic.

Give your outside areas a touch of Easter magic by decorating spaces, be it fresh blooms, bunny silhouettes, colourful eggs, mini trees, speckled lights or floral prints on tablecloths. It creates a charming atmosphere for guests to savour your restaurant under an open sky. Ambience matters, so make your alfresco Easter dining area as special as your time-honoured interior while seating more diners.


Add more services

Consider offering special services to draw in more guests over the holiday weekend. Explore the idea of introducing an Easter Brunch or an indulgent High Tea showcasing your pastry chef’s talents. There’s no need to limit options to just avocado toast or eggs Benedict; craft your own signature dishes and give them a touch of authenticity. It allows you to experiment with inventive dishes while providing guests with a fresh experience.

Plus, adding limited-time offerings opens up potential revenue streams without needing to revise your operations altogether. Promote these special services across your website and social channels well beforehand so locals and visitors alike can get a tantalising preview.

When holidays or peak times hit, a unique set menu or custom experience makes for a memorable—and marketable—draw. So get creative with what you can offer over Easter to attract more diners during the celebratory times when people want to indulge.

Promote your tables and attract more Easter diners

Once you’ve got the Easter Experiences sorted, you’ll want diners to be able to find and book them without much fuss. OpenTable’s restaurant marketing features are designed to fill seats and make the most of your holiday services.

Use customised emails to showcase special Experiences and set menus are perfect for this time of year. Or target locals, whether residents or visitors, with a Boost Campaign designed to bring more eyes to your restaurant.

With effective marketing and the right Experience, you can get online reservations and more covers throughout the Easter holiday period. Targeting promotional content to your perfect diners will help the holiday numbers grow.

Partner with local businesses

Partner with neighbourhood businesses to create attractive Easter packages and bring in more diners. Offer them restaurant vouchers to include in their products or services, perhaps giving guests a free drink or set-price menu. Working with other local businesses helps spread the word about your restaurant and gives you more marketing opportunities.

Be active on social media

Regardless of the dining plans you arrange for Easter and beyond, be sure to spotlight your specials, promotions and general approach across social media. Spark excitement through photos of dishes and drinks, and capture the aura, illustrating your à la carte offerings or holiday set menus.

Show viewers how your restaurant will provide a welcoming environment to gather and celebrate this special holiday weekend. Post on a consistent schedule, not just once. And respond in a timely manner to all reviews and messages. A digital presence and stream of tantalising visuals and friendly interactions will keep eyes on you and guests flowing in.


Maximise table turnover during peak holiday seasons

Easter is one of the busiest times of the year, and you don’t want your restaurant to get caught out during the holiday rush. OpenTable works as your perfect companion, bringing more guests while acting as the perfect platform to run smooth shifts.

Use OpenTable to create floor plans that combine or separate tables as needed so your layout accommodates both small parties and large family gatherings. Streamline seating rotations by marking reservations for one-and-a-half or two-hour durations, nudging guests without disrupting their experience.

When last-minute cancellations do occur, fill seats faster with guests using your online waitlist. Go one step further and avoid empty tables from no-shows by implementing credit card guarantees.

With OpenTable, you can fine-tune the guest experience for the right amount of Easter diners. Adjust floor plans for optimal party sizes, smoothly cycle diners at the right pace when you face lines trailing out of the door, and prevent wasted capacity from no-shows.

Summary: Filling seats this Easter

Start implementing these tips to win more Easter bookings. With some creativity and advanced planning, plus a little help from OpenTable, your restaurant can welcome new guests and generate more revenue. Seize this chance to showcase your restaurant and boost visibility to enjoy true Easter success.