Smooth shifts are nirvana, so manage yours with ease and expertise.
Menu pricing tips for restaurants

Menu pricing tips for restaurants

Here’s what restaurant owners should know to ensure menu prices add up to profit.

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OpenTable innovates to help restaurants do what they do best—better. So we do more than add features that respond to...
A waitress welcomes two guests at a restaurant and fills in information on a tablet at the reception.

14 reasons taking reservations benefits restaurants and guests

Find out the reasons why taking reservations can help restaurants increase revenue and run smoother shifts.
How contactless payment system can benefit a restaurant

How contactless payment system can benefit a restaurant

Get all the facts on contactless payment systems for restaurant owners to help decide if this guest-friendly new restaurant technology is right for your business.
Diners eating and cheering at an Asian restaurant, with food, plates and drinks on a bar table

How to increase restaurant sales: 10 smart strategies

Learn simple strategies that boost restaurant sales, whether your restaurant is new, long-established, or simply not always at max capacity.
Terrace of a restaurant with guests and a waiter

How to reduce no-shows at your restaurant

No-shows cause plenty of pain for restaurants, both financially and emotionally. Try these tips on how to reduce restaurant no-shows.
Restaurant Floor Planner

Why restaurants need to optimise their floor plans for success

Design a restaurant floor plan that improves guests’ dining experience and workers' efficiency. Here’s how to make floor plans that boost the bottom line.

Online ordering systems—what are the advantages for restaurants and customers?

Find out the advantages of online food ordering for customers and restaurants. Learn how to stand out in the restaurant online ordering system market.

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OpenTable constantly innovates to respond to restaurant needs. Here’s a look behind the scenes about how we built our direct messaging feature to help restaurants.