OpenTable GuestCenter Now Optimised for iPad Pro!


In service, it’s not just a single host who needs to see what’s happening at the host stand — it’s also servers and managers who may stop by to check in on whether a table is empty and ready to be seated. Especially in a large restaurant, where you may have multiple hosts and many rooms or distinct spaces. You all need to be able to understand what’s happening at a single glance.

We’re excited to announce that with our latest GuestCenter app update, our flagship product is now optimised for the bigger screen of the iPad Pro. That means it’s easier than ever for you and your staff to see more information during service, including a larger floor plan, longer reservation list, and more shift notes.

At 12 inches wide, the iPad Pro screen is 33% larger than the traditional iPad, so staff members can move throughout the platform smoothly with an overall larger display. We incorporate restaurants’ feedback into our technology and make enhancements that satisfy the needs and priorities for many different kinds of concepts.


Here’s what you’ll find using the 12-inch iPad Pro:

A longer reservation list and larger floor plan. You can see more items in the reservation list to get a better sense of who’s in the restaurant, and who’s on their way. Plus, the bigger screen allows for a larger, more zoomed-in view of the floor plan so you can see each table and area better.

A new sidebar shortcut. Need to navigate quickly to timeline view? No problem. With the new shortcut bar on the left-hand side of the screen, you can move around to different parts of the app without tapping into the main menu first.

A bigger reservation card. With the larger screen, your staff will be able to see more information in the reservation card in one view. Learn everything you need to know about a new guest (or a regular!) at a glance.

An entire shift overview. See your whole shift in one screen — no more dragging and scrolling. Plus, you can see more shift notes in each view, so information about tastings, private events, and large parties is easily accessible.

More tags in one view. Add the tags you need — think birthdays and anniversaries — with a single tap, thanks to an expanded list.

Also in this update:

  • Quickly add a diner’s name when seating a walk-in. We know that collecting information about your guests is key to helping you recognise regulars and build relationships. With the latest GuestCenter update, you can add a diner’s name when creating a walk-in reservation– if the guest is already in the Guestbook their name will pop-up in our search results, and if not, you can add them easily.
  • Text message parties that have arrived or partially arrived. Your waitlist can get long. You need a quick, reliable way to let guests know their tables are ready and seat them as soon as possible to keep service running smoothly. Now, you can send texts to parties on the waitlist, with up to three reminders. (Forget the buzzers.)
  • See double server initials. If there’s a John and a Joseph on your team, “J” isn’t enough to distinguish which server is assigned to which area of the restaurant. Now you can see “JT” or “JS,” for example, so you know who’s working the floor where.

Learn more about the latest GuestCenter updates here, and get the updated app on iTunes here.