OpenTable for iOS 10: New Ways to Book and Connect

At OpenTable, we love what happens around the table – particularly the connections.

Now, the release of iOS 10 gives us new ways to connect you with great restaurants right where you search for them – and to connect with your friends to make booking a table a more social experience. Get the latest OpenTable app now, plus upgrade to iOS 10 to get going.


OpenTable in Apple Maps: Apple Maps has always been a great way to find restaurants near you, and today it gets even better. With iOS 10, you can make OpenTable reservations without leaving the Maps app. Just find a restaurant, tap the OpenTable Reservations button; pick a time; and confirm.

OpenTable in iMessage: Ever wish planning a meal with friends was easier? Now, you can finally make getting to the answer of “Where should we eat?” more fun! OpenTable’s iMessage extension allows friends to suggest restaurants to try, to vote on favorites, pick a winner, and book–all directly in Messages. It’s a fun way to pick the perfect place for a date, a lunch with coworkers, or a get-together with friends.

Here’s how it works:

  1. From any iMessage thread, select the OpenTable extension and pick a set of restaurants to send to friends.
  2. Invite everyone to vote for their favorites (or give them a thumbs-down).
  3. Watch the results come in, and book a table whenever you’re ready.

For more details on activating the iMessage integration, check this post.

…and more: We’ve made improvements and added features throughout our app. We always want to know what you think, so get the new app and get in touch.

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Jonathan Grubb is Director of Mobile Products at OpenTable.