Open-Ended: Inside OpenTable’s Restaurant Support

3 min read.

“Open-Ended” is our new feature on who’s behind the scenes at OpenTable, and what energises them to stay passionate about the restaurants they come into contact every day.

“I’m someone that’s constantly hungry, in a few ways. 
I’m hungry for food, I’m hungry for experience. I’m hungry to see other people happy. 
I found a place where I could talk about food all day.”

Jordan Woolley, Customer Support Representative, Melbourne

Jordan is one of OpenTable’s many friendly, local Australian voices, on our restaurant support team, that is genuinely excited about helping restaurants. 

Before joining the OpenTable family over a year ago, he had worn a few hats in his past lives, having worked in a number of restaurants, both in the kitchen and as a waiter, in the automotive industry, and in the energy industry.

As a father to a 1-year old, Jordan has an incomparable passion for food and loves introducing his son to new experiences as often as possible. 

What is most satisfying as a customer support representative?

I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful restaurant in regional Victoria, who were incredibly passionate about what they did. To be requested to consult at that restaurant, even though it took 3.5 hours just to get out there, was both a privilege and a delight – Especially helping them understand how OpenTable could help them take their business to another level. 

Everyone felt quite positive about that encounter, which contributed to the sense of fulfillment to what I do. 

It matters to be here, because it feels that I’m facilitating their success to a degree. That is something I’m pretty proud of

Why is working with restaurants so important to you?

It’s no secret that it’s a really tough industry and can be a struggle sometimes. It’s really really hard. Which makes the joys of success, incredible. 

In my experience, a restaurant’s greatest struggle is tied in to its greatest strengths. It’s the people. Whether it’s the people working at the restaurant, coming through the restaurant. You’ve got to put a message through your food. 

And seeing that come through and seeing people leave almost enlightened in the ability to enjoy the meal with people and connect people. Never forget how important that is. If you lose sight of that, you’ll lose something incredibly fulfilling. 

Food shows love, care and almost empathy for other human beings. Food is a dialogue and I believe that if you can speak descriptively with that food, you’re on the way to winning the hearts of your diners. 

I take great pleasure in seeing other people experience the world through dining and see the experiences that they haven’t seen themselves.

To have a place that allows them to find the experiences organically is very cool, and to be involved with maintaining and building and improving the experience, means I’m involved in helping people find better and more tailored experiences through food. 

That’s really cool to me. That’s why I’m here.

OpenTable’s restaurant support line (1300 130 359) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or you can visit our support site for further assistance.