Manage Your Business on the Go! Why Operators Love Our GuestCenter iPhone App

Manage Your Business on the Go! Inside the GuestCenter iPhone App

As a restaurateur, you’re rarely sitting down at a desk — days are full of meetings, you’re on your feet, and many operators are even running between restaurants. In today’s ever-competitive industry it’s never been more important to stay connected to what’s happening at the host stand. That’s why we at OpenTable unveiled our GuestCenter iPhone app, which allows owners and managers to monitor their business no matter where they are.

Through the iPhone app and notifications to the Apple Watch, restaurateurs can make smart business decisions on the fly with constant access to data, insights, and tools they need to keep their operation running smoothly.

“We understand that running a restaurant places round-the-clock demands on owners and managers, and for those that have more than one location these demands are multiplied,” says OpenTable CEO Christa Quarles. “The GuestCenter iPhone app creates an additional connection between OpenTable and restaurant owners and managers by helping them to better understand and improve their business in a simple and flexible manner.”

So, how does it work? Initial data shows that the iPhone app is quickly gaining traction among our GuestCenter users, with high user adoption and engagement. In fact, the app is opened on average nine times per day by each user, and more than half engage with it daily.

“Having busy businesses in the country and the city, the OpenTable app keeps me in touch and on the move – an absolute must!” says Denis Lucey, Director of Bottega, Luxsmith and Thousand Pound in Melbourne, Victoria. 

What else does the iPhone app offer?

  • Business insights on the go. Understand how many diners have been seated, upcoming reservations numbers, and when peak dining times are, all at a glance. Get valuable insights every day, and keep an eye on activity around key dining holidays (hello Mother’s Day!).
  • Prepare for service. Know which tables are VIPs, larger parties, or which diners may be celebrating a special occasion. Make sure your front-of-house team is prepared for any changes to service, so you can deliver the best hospitality for special diners or for key dates.
  • Manage your reservations and guest book. Make new reservations, review guest notes or details, and update the status of diners from your phone.
  • Get notifications to your Apple Watch. Be alerted when a VIP has been seated, a reservation has been changed or cancelled, and when new bookings are made.

Learn more about how we’re helping restaurants optimise service, benefit from data-driven insights, and run as efficiently as possible with GuestCenter.