Local insights and trends to reopen your restaurant with confidence

As cities reopen and people start to dine out again, it’s difficult to gauge what’s happening locally, whether other restaurants are open for outdoor dining, or if diners will even eat out. Keeping a pulse on all that’s happening in the industry and in your neighbourhood also takes a lot of time that’s hard to find. 

Restaurants can make more confident decisions if armed with the right information. So we pulled together data and insights on market-level reservations, diner sentiments about eating out, and neighbourhood-level reservations.

In March, we started tracking the State of the Industry to show how restaurants across markets are handling the impact of  COVID-19 at a macro level. Unsurprisingly, the data tells us that the restaurant community continues to face unprecedented challenges, but as reopening begins in markets, an increase in people eating out is also returning. 

Since dining and reservations can vary drastically from one market to the next, specific and local data and insights are even more valuable. For example, are slower Tuesday nights typical in your neighbourhood, or is your restaurant specifically seeing fewer bookings?

Now OpenTable restaurants can tap into benchmark reporting to get an overview and compare with other local OpenTable restaurants in their community.

With a global restaurant base of thousands of restaurants, OpenTable is uniquely able to provide anonymised and aggregated information on cover, spend, and feedback data from local restaurants to provide insight about your neighborhood. 

It’s never been easier to uncover gaps and successes in performance, then quickly navigate to OpenTable tools to take actions for improvement, with the assurance that your own restaurant’s performance and participation is also anonymous.

Benchmark reporting is available across all OpenTable plans. Through our Open Door program, we are waiving subscription and cover fees throughout 2020 for any restaurant that signs up for a new plan. To learn more about Benchmark reporting and our new plans, please fill out the form here.

Already an OpenTable customer? Access your benchmark reporting overview in OpenTable here.