Introducing the OpenTable Diners’ Choice

The monthly Diners’ Choice Awards highlights are based on real feedback from diners that have booked through us and have dined with you.

Based on the selection and reviews, the awards will range from the categories that your diners have selected (i.e. Fit for Foodies, Group Bookings, Healthy, Hot Spot, and more), across the location that you are based in.

These Diners’ Choice lists are a powerful tool to help undecided diners (locals and travellers alike), choose their ideal restaurant for their dining occasion.


Here are a few tips on how you can increase your chances of a Diners’ Choice Award:

Provide great customer service

What can make a bad meal into a great one, customer service can make or break your patron’s experience. To exceed expectations, use guests notes to make the difference between a great experience and a bad experience. Before service, go over the guests notes in detail with front of the house staff so everyone is on the same page. Not only will this help encourage positive feedback, it will also entice your diners to keep coming back.

Encourage and respond to feedback

Read through your diner’s feedback through your restaurant profile or social media channels to learn how your can improve. When reviews are positive, be sure to share that feedback with your staff—and celebrate! On the flip side, if it’s not as positive, share feedback in a constructive way. Discuss the mistake or perceived weakness and change it.

Where possible it’s is always a nice touch to respond to a diner to show that they matter to your venue and to ensure a positive experience with your restaurant brand.

The tips above goes beyond just the Diners’ Choice accolades, it ensures that you can build on feedback from the most important people to your venue, and ensures that you can keep growing and thriving in the restaurant business.


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