Impos integration is here for GuestCenter

Your POS has a new BFF

We’re excited to announce the POS integration with Impos to GuestCenter. By bringing your POS data into GuestCenter, you get valuable insights and a smoother-running, faster-turning house.

Stay in the flow

With the integration between your POS system and GuestCenter, you can connect the dots between reservations and revenue. See how your average spend per cover is trending, through POS data directly in the GuestCenter Manager app, and streamline ‘paid’ table status updates in the heat of the moment.

Act with insight

With real-time revenue reports, you can evaluate how your restaurant is performing week-over-week, day-to-day , or even shift by shift. Get a clearer, crisper picture of your average spend per guest.

To get started:

  1. Contact Impos to ensure you are on the right version, and
  2. Email or get in touch with your OpenTable account manager to organise the set up.

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