How to make the most of QR codes

A confident male waiter instructs restaurant customers on how to download the restaurant's mobile menu. A sign with a qr code is on the table. The customers are scanning the code to download the menu during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Covid-normal compliance’ – in the context of hospitality – continues, making the most of QR codes and using them effectively can strengthen your business.

Anything that has a URL can have a QR code: menus, booking links, feedback forms, competition entries. The majority of the population not only recognises QR codes now, but interacts with them as well, so using them to support your business can grow your audience.

Keep the conversation going

A QR code to go straight to your restaurant’s website is perfect to put in the window of your business. When you’re closed, people walking by can stop and check out everything about you from opening hours, menu, wine list, current specials, social media platforms, how to book and contact details, easily and safely—all through the code.

Menus on the move

If you offer takeaway or delivery, you can share your menu through the PDF QR code. So, people can check out your menu while they’re coming home from work, at sport with their kids or out walking the dog. The thing is, if they can access your takeaway menu easily, they’ll be ordering their takeaway with you.

Waitlist from a distance

A QR code gives you the freedom of an online waitlist. Post a waitlist QR code in the entryway and windows, so guests can quickly join your online waitlist; it also reduces crowding at the entrance. Guests can view their place in-line and receive text message notifications when their table is ready. You can run a smoother—and less crowded—front of house.

Show off

If you cook with ingredients that aren’t commonly used, or serve complex dishes with many elements, you may want to display photos of them. Stylish photos taken and put onto a QR code is another way to entice people into your venue. Each photo can carry a dish description while a potential guest looks through your menu.

This would also work with specials. It’s commonplace for a hospitality business to offer daily changing specials. You can share your specials in real-time via a QR code. This allows guests to see an evolving and creative menu and get them booking.

Grow your restaurant socials

Delicious dishes, matching drinks and stories behind your business should be shared on social media. To stretch your reach, place a social media QR code on your restaurant’s table and your guests can easily follow your pages and tag you in their posts.
Providing a list of your social media channels in one QR code, gives your guests agency, allowing them to choose the way they prefer to connect with you and share what they love about your business.

Feedback is priceless

Encouraging the good, the bad and the constructively critical feedback from your guests can be vital to develop your business. That’s why guest feedback is important. Using a rating QR code makes this simple, as ratings are sent immediately to your email. Simply print the QR code on your receipts or the bottom of your menus. If more feedback or details are required, look into a feedback QR code for your business.

Build your community

No matter which social media platforms you use, have a QR code on your website, menu, receipt and restaurant window to show guests where they can follow you and join in the conversation. They can post photos of their meals, chat to you and other guests, tag their friends and get that community growing.

There is enormous untapped potential in the world of the QR code. Increase your patronage by sharing all that you do in your business in a modern and stylish way. Tell your stories, keep your guests updated and most of all, make this marvellous technology work for you.

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