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Joy Manning is a food writer, recipe developer, and podcaster based in Philadelphia. 
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Menu pricing tips for restaurants

Menu pricing tips for restaurants

Here’s what restaurant owners should know to ensure menu prices add up to profit.
Two women dining at a restaurant with a colourful wall in the background and a table showcasing an array of dishes and drinks

Mother’s Day restaurant ideas that go beyond the brunch

Bring new guests to your restaurants this Mother’s Day by doing things a little differently this year. Here are 11 out-of-the-box ideas to consider.

Now serving: a new way on iPhone to manage the floor plan on the go

OpenTable innovates to help restaurants do what they do best—better. So we do more than add features that respond to...
A waitress welcomes two guests at a restaurant and fills in information on a tablet at the reception.

14 reasons taking reservations benefits restaurants and guests

Find out the reasons why taking reservations can help restaurants increase revenue and run smoother shifts.
Diners eating and cheering at an Asian restaurant, with food, plates and drinks on a bar table

How to increase restaurant sales: 10 smart strategies

Learn simple strategies that boost restaurant sales, whether your restaurant is new, long-established, or simply not always at max capacity.
wellness tourism

Wellness tourism 101: An overview of the trend and how to attract this crowd to your restaurant

Learn about a new kind of tourist traveling in search of restaurants that can help support a healthy lifestyle and enhance personal well being.
6 Valentine’s Day tips to get the most from this year

6 Valentine’s Day tips to get the most from this year

Valentine’s Day is the most popular day for restaurant reservations. These easy tips will help attract more guests and build on your success.
Crush Valentine’s Day with 13 easy-to-execute ideas

Crush Valentine’s Day with 13 easy-to-execute ideas

Get Valentine's Day ideas to create memorable restaurant experiences and events for your guests.
A restaurant team assembles for a pre-shift meeting

How restaurants can support mental health during the holidays

For restaurant workers, the holiday season can trigger mental health challenges. Here’s how to support them so the whole team can have a happy and successful season.