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How to hire and retain restaurant staff

How to hire and retain restaurant staff

It's an ongoing problem in hospitality that’s been exacerbated during the pandemic: hiring and retaining good staff. We talked to some restaurateurs and managers to find out how they’re finding and nurturing their teams in a world of constant, often robust, change.
A confident male waiter instructs restaurant customers on how to download the restaurant's mobile menu. A sign with a qr code is on the table. The customers are scanning the code to download the menu during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to make the most of QR codes

‘Covid-normal compliance’ – in the context of hospitality – continues, making the most of QR codes and using them effectively...
Two guests checking in with their restaurant reservation while the server is assigning their table looking at a tablet

How to maximise seating capacity and drive revenue with COVID restrictions

Empty dining rooms are hopefully a thing of the past, at least in Australia as COVID-19 restrictions ease across the...
How to Plan for a COVID Festive Season

How to Plan for a COVID Festive Season

In any other year, ask someone in the hospitality industry how they are during the festive season and you usually...
Restaurant customers sitting at a table outdoor

10 outdoor dining tips to offer the best experience

Of the many issues raised during this global pandemic, one constantly debated question is how to bring people back to...