Guide to Offers: 9 Tips for a successful summer

Stand out from crowd and promote great meals with a delicious OpenTable Offer to more diners this summer.

Did you know that you can get more visibility to diners performing offer searches for available reservations?* Offers are a great way to showcase your deals, menus or promotions, and are known to create a greater call to action for diners to book at your restaurant.

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you make the most of OpenTable offers, helping you fill more seats and increase revenue by showcasing your restaurant’s best items during the summer months.

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1) Manage at your convenience

Market your restaurant’s available tables on the days and time of your choice. Drive demand for your restaurant offering at slower times, targeting diners that are more flexible with their dining times when Offers are available.

2) Reach your desired diner

OpenTable diners are savvy, eat out often, and are looking for new and great experiences. Test out the attractiveness of a new summer menu, or a specific promotion to entice new undecided diners to try your venue.

3) Add value

Instead of discounting a menu item, opt to combine an added-value add-on — for example a free charcuterie platter with a wine purchase. This can be a factor in the diner’s decision making process when making a choice.

4) Guide your sales

If you want to boost sales for a particular menu item, give diners an extra incentive to order a specific product.

5) Test something new

Want to try a new menu? This is a good opportunity to launch a new menu or item to see how your staff and diners respond. For example, an introductory offer to try your new summer express lunch.

6) Make it easy for staff

If an entirely new menu is a daunting prospect at a time when you’re expecting more covers than usual, keep it simple with a concise menu offering that can be quickly prepared and brought to the table.

7) Be clear

Confusion about the specifics of the offer can lead to dissatisfied customers. Create a clear and enticing offer description that explains what is included and when it’s available.

8) Prepare for different table sizes

The details of your offer can influence your party sizes and your table layout. Prepare and make sure you don’t have to split up tables during busy service.

9) Capture a new market

Target the right audience for your restaurant with percentage off offers, set menus, tasting menus and ‘experience’ offers.

Expand your revenue opportunities. If you are already on the network, let OpenTable Offers drive additional business.

If you’re not an OpenTable customer contact us today to learn how to get started.    


*OpenTable Offers is currently available for GuestCenter.