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OpenTable seats more than 29M diners via online reservations each month, with diners looking to discover the perfect restaurant for their dining needs.

Here are three tips to help you prepare for special events such as Valentine's Day, Mothers' Day, Christmas and much more.

  • Do you have available tables? OpenTable's GuestCenter takes care of managing your bookings so that you can focus on hospitality. Open up your available tables and let GuestCenter help you maximise the number of diners you seat throughout the special event.
  • Update your OpenTable restaurant profile. Your profile is a key channel to attract undecided OpenTable diners. Make sure that the latest pictures of your venue and dishes are online, and that the description has been updated.
  • Got a set menu to promote? Special offers don't have to mean discounts. Use your existing set menus to attract diners you want. Activate OpenTable offers to help give undecided diners a reason to choose your restaurant over any other. OpenTable offers appear in search results and on across the availability you've set.

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