Clear data to make informed business decisions

Fill your seats, build relationships, and run consistently smooth shifts

It’s time to ditch the traditional guess work on business decisions in a world where gaining actionable business insights has become a key success factor. Create quicker turns and increase profit using the right table management and shift planning tools.

  •  See what’s working and what isn’t with the right data. Adopt tools that help you understand how effectively you’re filling the restaurant, and when peaks and quiet times are. This will highlight opportunities to fill more seats and increase your revenue.
  •  22% of online reviewers indicated that if a business gets back to them after they posted a bad review, their opinion of that business might change.* Listen and respond to what people are saying about you with the right reputation management tools.
  •  Understanding your marketing ROI Features like OpenTable’s in-built marketing tracking feature can help you track which digital channels are bringing in most diners and understand your campaign performance, helping you optimise your marketing budget.

* Yellow Social Media Report 2018. Get started with OpenTable today. Fill out the contact form, and we’ll provide you with information about OpenTable’s products and services.

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