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Tips to stay ahead of the hospitality game

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Diner Discovery

Diners search for restaurants at home and on the go, often making plans for the same night or even within minutes of dining.

DITCH: Limiting your profit potential. Instead, start to:

  •  Explore ways to reach more diners. More than 28% of online bookings are made on the same day*, make sure that you’re connected to channels that can help drive your profits up.
  •  Taking control of your online presence. Be sure that your restaurant has a website that’s easy to find and navigate, and claim and update your listings on sites like OpenTable, Google, and others.
  •  Thinking about diners outside of your local radius. More than 24% of online bookings are by travellers*, on the road they are less inhibited and more likely to try new things.

*OpenTable bookings Jan-Dec 2019

In-venue Experience

Each dining experience is an opportunity to foster a deeper connection with your brand, and create wow moments that your patrons would want to shout from the rooftops on your behalf.

DITCH: Inefficient processes. Instead, try the following:

  •  Creating seamless experiences. Use technology to make experiences such as waitlists, guest seating, dietary requirements, frictionless.
  •  Know who your patrons are. Who doesn’t love a place where everybody knows their name? Uplevel your hospitality by identifying VIPs or regulars as they walk through your venue.
  •  Considering upsell opportunities. By capturing guest data, you’ll be able to better understand the habits of your regulars to generate additional revenue.

Business Intelligence

Gaining key business insights has become a key success factor. The more data driven decisions made, the more valuable you become for the business.

DITCH: Traditional guess work on business decisions.

  •  Making data driven decisions. Adopt tools that help you understand how effectively you’re filling the restaurant, and when peaks and quiet times are. This will highlight opportunities to fill more seats and increase your revenue.
  •  Listening to what people are saying about you. 22% of online reviewers indicated that if a business gets back to them after they posted a bad review, their opinion of that business might change.*
  •  Understanding your marketing ROI Features like OpenTable’s in-built marketing tracking feature can help you make better business decisions.

* Yellow Social Media Report 2018

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