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OpenTable seats more than 31 million diners via online reservations each month. No other restaurant management software can connect you with more guests.

  • More than 31 million diners seated via online reservations each month. No other reservation service can offer as many covers.
  • Book on Your Website. Guests can see real-time availability and reserve a table on your website.
  • 600+ Integrations. Be bookable everywhere—including Google, Apple, Facebook, Time Out, and many more.

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Shift Planning

You'll have a great show, if you're well prepared.

  • Organised Shift Summaries. Share upcoming shift details with your kitchen and wait staff.
  • Manager Shift Notes. Add notes to a shift to keep you and your team on the same page.
  • More Control Over Availability. Decide how and when your tables can be booked online. Learn more →

Table Management

Maximise time and efficiency with our restaurant management software.

  • Customisable Floor Map. Easy to set up and make changes on your own.
  • Server Sections and Rotations. OpenTable knows which servers are slammed, so your host can adjust and make better decisions.
  • Guest Texts. Send waitlist updates and automatic reservation reminders.
  • Automatic Statusing. Create quicker turns with POS-triggered table statuses.
  • Table Categories. Get more covers by letting guests book the bar, patio, and other seating areas. Learn more →

Guest Profiles

OpenTable saves useful diner details so you know your guests better and can anticipate their needs.

  • Guest History. Know who's new, who's returning, and who eats out frequently.
  • Guest and Visit Notes. Add private guest and visit notes to help your team deliver great, personalised service and keep track of VIPs.
  • Guest Tags. Create your own tags to make adding notes faster and easier.
  • Respond to Reviews. Communicate with guests after their dining experience by responding to their feedback.

Reporting and Analytics

We present your data in clear ways, so you can make more informed decisions.

  • Owner App. Check the numbers, make reservations, see shift overviews, add notes, and more! Learn more →
  • POS Integration. Get real-time revenue reporting and automatic table statusing. Learn more →
  • Turn time analysis. Optimise your turn times to seat more diners with a comparison of average turn times to your restaurant settings.
  • Referral and concierge reporting. Monitor and recognise referral relationships to continue the stream of referral business.
  • Insightful Reports. See what's working and what isn't with detailed reporting you can't find anywhere else.


Plus, you'll also get...

  • Reservation management Make and edit reservations from anywhere.
  • Waitlist management Keep your waitlist moving, and text guests when their table is ready.
  • Credit card vaulting Hold reservations with credit cards to reduce no-shows and cancellations.
  • Passcode protection Control access to sensitive information and settings.
  • Wireless chit printing Print guest information onto chits for your servers.
  • Recommended table assignments Our system recommends table assignments so you can seat guests faster.
  • Table blocking Easily save tables for walk-ins and VIPs.
  • Seasonal promotions Participate in seasonal promos.
  • Reservation timeline view Quickly see where you can fill open gaps.
  • Alerts and notifications See reservation changes in real time.
  • Multiple floor plans Quickly toggle between different floor plans.

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