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OpenTable helps you promote your outdoor dining spaces and assist with compliance to social distancing policies.

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Maintain Control

Gain greater control over your availability while adhering to government mandates.

  • Control which tables are bookable online; Offer outdoor, bar, high-top, and counter seats in the right balance for your restaurant.
  • Customise availability by table type and time of day.
  • Automatically pre-assign guests based on the table type they booked.


Set better expectations

Categorising your tables sets better expectations with guests.

  • Give diners a more comfortable and safe seating option.
  • Choices will give guests a feeling of hospitality before they even arrive.

Boost revenue

Ensure each seat is contributing to your bottom line.

  • Increase check averages by serving full meals at the bar.
  • Reduce the risk of empty seats with online bookings.
  • Sophisticated inventory controls automatically adjust to the flow you design to maximise your seating.

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