Connect reservations to revenue

Know your guests, automate your service, and keep track of revenue – at no additional cost.

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Know your guest better

Get to know your guests on a deeper level so you can deliver better hospitality.

  • Quickly view average and lifetime spend
  • Personalise service using easy-to-access check details from current and past visits
  • Spot high spenders and frequent visitors so you can recognise their loyalty and keep them coming back


Speed up your operations

Automate your front of house so you can decrease turn times and improve your guest experience.

  • Keep your host updated about each table right from the host stand with automated table statusing*

*The level of automated status update may differ from POS providers

Keep track of your revenue

Keep tabs on your business on the go and dive into the details.

  • Get a snapshot of how your restaurant is doing anywhere, anytime using the OpenTable mobile app
  • Compare your shift revenue for a particular day to the average from the previous 4 weeks
  • See each shift’s average spend per cover and party
  • Break down revenue and trace spend back to every reservation using interactive reports

Supported POS systems

OpenTable Australia currently integrates with the following POS systems (version dependent) and are actively working to support more systems:

Aloha/ H&L / Impos / Lavu / Micros RES / Micros Simphony

What about security?

OpenTable is secure and ensures your payment data is always protected. It is PCI-compliant and does not transmit, store, or collect credit card information. OpenTable only receives the credit card type and its last four digits.

Know your guests, automate your service, and keep track of revenue all at no additional cost.

Tell us a little about you and your restaurant, and we’ll contact you via phone or email to provide information about OpenTable’s products and services.