Manage your restaurant from anywhere

OpenTable comes with a mobile app — now available on both iPhone and Android.


Get your REZ on

  • Make reservations on the fly
  • See all future reservations
  • Make quicker confirmations
  • Add guest notes and tags
  • Keep an eye on the waitlist

We’ve used multiple platforms, and the fact that you can access everything in real time on your mobile device is invaluable. This is the most sophisticated solution, especially from a business owner’s perspective.

Smith & Daughters
Fitzroy, Victoria

Never miss a beat

Get instant notifications on your iPhone and Apple Watch about the events you care about most.

  • New bookings
  • Changes to reservations
  • Cancellations
  • VIP arrived or seated

Smooth shifts, every night

Prep for service from wherever you have service.

  • Review large parties and special events in advance
  • Quickly add notes for your staff
  • Status parties from your phone during service

Have the numbers at your fingertips

Check revenue and covers, in real time, and see how you’re doing shift by shift.

  • Covers by party size and time
  • Covers made: online, walk-in, or phone
  • Shift revenue and check averages
  • Week-over-week shift covers and revenue

Through the OpenTable reports we can clearly see trends with our customer base and have adapted our booking times accordingly. This new model has also helped relieve stress with our staff as bookings are now more staggered and we can cater to customers’ needs better.

Nikon Souphan, Owner
Rock Sugar
Melbourne, Victoria

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