OpenTable is marketing for your restaurant

Put the world’s largest diner network to work for you.


Your new marketing department

We spend a lot so you don’t have to.

  • Be more bookable. Our app, website, and widgets deliver 30M diners to restaurants each month.
  • Engaged diners. We send out frequent emails to our network of diners throughout the year.
  • Get more online exposure. Targeted ads on Google, Facebook, etc. bring more diners to you.
  • Be seen more frequently. With 600+ integrations, you’ll be in front of more people more often.
  • Increase your marketing reach without the upfront costs. Local or global diners, we’ve got you covered.

It’s heartbreaking for any business owner to turn a customer away. OpenTable pays for itself by capturing people who would otherwise have been lost.

David Hobbs, General Manager and Operations Director
Dead Ringer
Sydney, New South Wales

We know what moves people

We offer different ways to boost your revenue.

  • Private dining. Book out your private dining and event spaces. Learn more →
  • Specials. Attract new diners with set menus, offers, and dining experiences. Learn more →

Get the guests you want

OpenTable brings you savvy diners, who spend more and eat out more often.

  • They earn more. 60% of households earn more than $75k.
  • They spend more. Almost half of AU diners spend $75 or more per person when dining out.
  • They’re frequent diners. More than 40% eat at a full-service restaurant at least once a week.
  • They book responsibly. Our 2.1% no-show rate is the lowest around, and we’re trying to get it lower.

Better experiences and loyalty

We’ll protect your online reputation and help you turn first-timers into regulars.

  • Better first impressions. Most restaurants get higher ratings on OpenTable than on other sites.
  • No fake reviews. Only seated guests can rate or review your restaurant on OpenTable.
  • Grow your email list. Guests have shared over 60M email addresses with restaurants.
  • Hospitality leads to loyalty. Know your guests and their preferences before they even walk in the door.

And, you only pay for seated covers

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