How we dine now

A data-driven rundown on the state of restaurant dining, straight from diners

As 2022 gets into full swing, OpenTable took people’s pulse to see what they care about most when planning to dine out. Hint: they want to choose their dining area and they care about being welcomed by name.

Insights and data straight from diners can help you plan and make decisions, particularly as the Delta and Omicron variants continue to take a toll on restaurants. OpenTable conducted our diner survey in January 2022—let’s dive into what diners said.

Here are a few sneak peaks:

  • 51% of people say they’re less likely to dine out due to the new variants, but nearly as many (43%) say the variants haven’t affected how they’re dining out.
  • The most common reason people are dining out is … just for fun!
  • People want convenience and choice when it comes to selecting their dining areas and changing their reservation online.
  • 86% of people say they’re likely to return to a restaurant that makes them feel like a regular. (We also asked what makes them feel that way—read on!)

Get more insights along with practical tips you can use, including—

  • How often people are enjoying restaurants
  • The reasons people are dining out
  • What people care about when making a reservation
  • What makes diners feel like a regular

We hope these insights—as well as the daily updated data on our State of the Industry hub—give you the information you need to help your business thrive and make up for lost time.

Take a look at the results from our past surveys:

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